Saturday, March 14, 2015

One Day In May

Hey, Sis
how’ya doin’?
I know, dumb question.
I got here in time
(not soon enough).
Driving from Vegas
memories of
our crazy sister shit
raced through my mind.
The desert does that—
focuses, clarifies.
Can you hear me?
It’s a beautiful day
the sun is out – no fog –
the ocean sparkles –
diamonds and sapphires.
Remember the last time
we sat on Capitola Wharf?
So vibrant
like a Van Gogh painting—
starry, starry afternoon—
boats bobbing on the bay.
Forgive my babbling.
Does it bother you?
Wish I could cry
feel – something.
God, I miss you.

Here, let me lay beside you.
I’ll keep you warm.

text & photo by leh