Saturday, March 14, 2015

One Day In May

Hey, Sis
how’ya doin’?
I know, dumb question.
I got here in time--

didn't I?
Driving from Vegas
memories of
our crazy sister shit
raced through my mind.
The desert does that—
focuses, clarifies.
Can you hear me?
It’s a beautiful day
the sun is out – no fog –
the ocean sparkles –
diamonds and sapphires.
Remember the last time
we sat on Capitola Wharf?
So vibrant
like a Van Gogh painting—
starry, starry afternoon—
boats bobbing on the bay.
Forgive my babbling.
Does it bother you?
Wish I could cry
feel – something.
God, I miss you.

Here, let me lay beside you.
I’ll keep you warm.

text & photo by leh