Saturday, July 18, 2009

Patchwork Path Books

Piecing Together Our Lives
Grandma's Choice
Dad's Bow Tie
Friendship Star
Wedding Bouquet
Christmas Stocking
Treasure Box
Mother's Life
Tena Beth Thompson, Publisher
Gregory A. Kompes, Production Director
Ellen J. Dugan, Introduction & Quilt Block
Leslie E. Hoffman, Editor
Like a quilt, our lives are pieced together
with memories, stories, and experiences.
Sometimes, our lives are designed and planned,
all the colors and patterns match well.
At other times, our lives resemble crazy quilts,
pieced together from the remaining scraps.
The Patchwork Path books capture our
stories to preserve them for future generations.
To order a Patchwork Path book,
and for submission guidelines,
click on (above) link.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mojave Palette

Thunderheads broil
above Mt. Charleston
as jagged strikes of platinum lead
roar of thunder rumbling
like a herd of wild mustangs
stampeding down canyon narrows

Vertical sheets of charcoal loom
on horizon, warning
avalanches of water rushing
down arroyos toward desert floor

long after
obsidian sky opens to reveal
a canvas of crimson and lapis

~photo & text by leh

Cloud Wisps, a Pantoum

Cloud wisps, like
Snowball garnets
Mercury retrogrades
We regret to inform you

Snowball garnets
Hot wind through mesquite
We regret to inform you
Loving daughter

Hot wind through mesquite
Sun sets behind canyon
Loving wife
We regret to inform you

Sun sets behind canyon
Scent of cut lilies
We regret to inform you
Mars at perigee

Scent of cut lilies
Mercury retrogrades
Mars at perigee
Cloud wisps

~photo & text by leh

Where Is Home

Is it white with green shutters
Does it have a picket fence
and a gnarled hooker oak
with a tree house for my son

Is there a porch at home
with a rocker and a cat
Do the neighbors ever
ask your name -- or care

You see, I must find home
before winter so I can sow
a garden full of daffodils
and stay to watch them grow

I'd raise a goat, a friend
or two, and never be alone
Then, in fifty years -- or so
I can die -- at home

~photo & text by leh