Friday, August 21, 2009

Passing Through...On the Way to Infinity

First breath, Fort Smith
on a snowy afternoon.
Willits to Cecile Street
South Bay, the nuptials
East Bay to Chico
Shakey's Chicks, birth of a son
the Big Valley to North Bay
seasons of my father
politics, wine, dissolution.

The River, where everything
unknown became known.
high tea at Withywindle
a failed love, a lost love
the candlelight vigil
Main Street lullaby
birth of a grandchild
ladies of the PenHouse
naked writings.

The Baja 1000 with Arlaine
interrupted by Federales.
Ruperto stalks ratones
at Casa de la Pacena
Miguel arrives for breakfast.

Las Vegas, The Strip
land of perpetual light
where everything known
became unknown.
the color of mango
I look to the moon
seeking familiar.
cicadas buzz in mesquite
Mojave palette
magik connects with spirit
ancient ones guide my way
to friends tarnished, laudably.

The South Bay
under a familiar moon
a lost love returns
little sister departs.
paradox, the sanity of madness.
spirit connects with magik
ancient ones guide my way
to Markham's poets.

~ photo & text by leh

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Main Street Lullaby

Tentacles of fog drift up river
navigating around redwood crowns
obscuring stars suspended in cobalt

In cadenced harmony
tires roll over damp pavement
crooning the lullaby of Main Street
as a lingering street vendor nods an
evening greeting to passersby

Faintly visible under tangerine streetlights
the vendor's hand-painted sign
Crystals Gems Minerals Rocks Fossils
still hangs on the side of his van
while he packs his hallowed wares

Hey, Rock Man, still open for business?
I'm in need of a special stone tonight.

The Rock Man reaches for rose quartz
and listens to one more story while

tangerine mist blankets Main Street

~ leh

Casa de la Pacena

house of the woman

Church bells chime seventh hour
First light shines on Benito Juarez
Columbian coffee on balcony
Yachts sail on Bahia de La Paz

Taxis park along The Malecon
Vendors gather in town square
Young man collects useable trash
Federales drive by in unmarked car

Ruperto arrives with machete to stalk ratones
Scent of freshly squeezed orange juice
Fish frying in tempura batter
Miguel arrives to breakfast with Arlaine

gecko pauses on ceiling

~ photo & text by leh