Monday, November 14, 2011

Speak Aloud

For this man of the written word
I braved a rare, desert night rain.
Martín Espada recited his work
his rhythmic, melodic voice
demanding poets to speak up
convey information with an edge.

The evolution of a poet being
the revolution of a conscience
the invisible becomes visible
an outlet for the unspeakable
words unspoken for all to hear.
I approached this poet advocate
signing his offering of books
and he glanced at my pen
which, of course, I handed to him.
Are you a poet?
Y…e…s… Yes, I am a poet.
His fingers caressed my pen…
¡Alabanza! to you, poet!
Then, surrendering his book, he said…
Believe in yourself.
Now, it would have been more than enough
to know that Martín Espada went on that night
to inscribe his books with my pen, but…
Believe in yourself?
Words spoken for all to hear
the invisible became visible.

text&photo by leh