Sunday, June 17, 2012

That which the heart carries

the soul takes with it --

of times gone by
the loves, the hurts
transgressions, penances

a hand once so soft and delicate
now callused and chapped

not so her heart


Love returned

not in the way expected
arriving softer
with less drama
lasting longer
with less pain
filling my heart with joy
in a way unexpected

text & photo by leh


Jack on Queen
Queen on King
cards align
lover or libertine
desire or passion
end and begin

The cards align
two on three
three on four
smooth as honey
no worries
end and begin

Six on seven
seven on eight
cards align
the sanity of madness
ends and begins


white percale

your brittle bones loosely bound
          by transparent skin
lie askew on white percale

no longer knowing you, never

knowing you, I turn away
to watch strands of moonlight weave
          through venetian blinds